Cloud BI

Time to unlearn traditional BI development

The next step in digital transformation is shifting away from legacy BI and analytics tools, and towards a cloud-first approach. The right people, processes, and technology – in a modern Cloud Data Warehouse.

Cloud-first solutions unlock all the cost, agility, and scalability benefits of the cloud. To get started, you need to rethink your approach to BI development.

With insights from industry-leading experts, this whitepaper explores:

  • The change in how businesses work with data.
  • The new data teams’ roles on the cloud.
  • The benefits of a cloud-native approach.

“Data is moving to the cloud. This architectural shift drives innovation. Cost, agility, scalability are just some of the benefits. But the old data world, reliant on data extracts no longer makes sense. To make your data talk, you need to venture into the New Data World!”


Martin Mahler

Astrato Founder

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