Define the path to modern cloud analytics

An IDC Analyst Brief

Cloud infrastructure, BI and advanced analytics have a key role as enterprises invest to become "enterprise intelligent."

In a 2021 IDC survey, 27% of respondents said cloud infrastructure, business intelligence, and advanced analytics were their top investment priorities. But selecting the right Cloud BI tools to achieve these goals requires modern insight and decision-making.

This IDC Analyst Brief looks at how modern BI capabilities are improving business value by delivering more straightforward analytics and data visualization, and explores why you should be asking new questions when deciding which Cloud BI tools are right for your business.

Download this IDC brief to learn:

  • Why, according to IDC just 20% of cloud migration projects cite better insights
  • How no code, cloud native, writeback and no data movement define a path to modern cloud BI
  • Why organizations need to ask new questions when selecting cloud BI tools

Giovanni Cervellati - Research Manager
Philip Carnelley - Associate Vice President, Software and Analytics Research

“Data in the cloud requires modern data architecture. To make it work, data ingestion, storage, and transformation should be left where the data lives, and old or siloed data should be removed. Cloud native means simplifying distribution and enhancing security and compliance: without it, the cloud journey will be fruitless.”


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